Credit Application

Autolookout provides a secure site for Lincolnway Auto Body & Sales for submitting credit applications. Lincolnway Auto Body & Sales and Autolookout know how important privacy and security are so all credit applications are processed using Secure Socket Layer(SSL), the same technology used to process Credit Card Data on the Internet. Autolookout is the internet solutions provider for Lincolnway Auto Body & Sales and in no way will Autolookout use the data submitted.

General Information
Current Residence
Previous Residence

Required if time at current residence is less than 2 years

Employment Information
Current Employer
Previous Employer

Required if time at current employer is less than 2 years

Financial Preferences
Vehicle of Interest


18 United States Code 1014, prescribes criminal penalties for false statements in loan application to Federally insured banks. I/We hereby certify that the foregoing statements are true and complete and are made for the purpose of determining my/our eligibility for credit. I/We agree that this statement shall remain your property, whether or not the application is accepted. You are authorized to make all inquires your need necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein and to determine my/our credit worthiness, including, but not limited to, procuring a consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies an credit information from banks and other financial institutions and extenders of credit, references, present and former employers, merchants, landlords and creditors. Each applicant consents that, upon denial of this application based on upon a consumer report or information received from a person other than a consumer reporting agency, you may disclose the information to all applicants in any notifications or report required by Federal laws.

Acknowledgment and Consent:

I certify that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Creditors receiving this application will retain the application whether or not it is approved. Creditors may rely on this application in deciding whether to grant the requested credit. I authorize the creditors to obtain credit reports about me on an ongoing basis during this credit transaction and to check my credit and employment history on an ongoing basis during the term of the credit transaction. If this application is approved I authorize the creditor to give information about me to its affiliates.